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You can send an email to me at sarahvernon@hotmail.fr
or call me on 00+33 5 53 56 97 93
Quotes, Notes & Anecdotes
Technical skill is master of complexity, while creativity is master of simplicity.
Christopher Zeeman

Everything is designed. Few things are
designed well.

Brian Reed

There are three responses to a piece of design - yes, no and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.
Milton Glaser
Welcome to my graphic design portfolio.
You will see below how the design process unfolds resulting in the finished item.
There are also examples of magazines I worked on as art editor/director and finally a selection of my photography work.
Logo & Corporate Identity
I work closely from the beginning with the client discussing the brief and then brainstorming ideas to provide the best graphic design solutions possible.
Art Direction
Global Family Office & Funds Management, Cayman Islands
Leggett Immobilier, France
Nicola Pickford, Sports Massage Therapist, UK
Roy Kelly, Dundas & Co, Business Management Consultants, Bermuda
Matthews Hospitality, California, USA
Being creatively flexible and understanding the reader profile enabled me to work on a variety of titles from redesigning M&S magazine to launching BBC Good health.
Art directing photo shoots to achieve the right message for a project is crucial to the overall success of a project, whether you're working with pop stars, fashion or food.
Assisting photographers, taking photographs for model agencies and then exploring photography for my own personal pleasure has resulted in a varied portfolio.
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