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sarah vernon ceramics
I graduated in the eighties from Middlesex Polytechnic with a BA Hons Degree in Graphic Design, enjoyed a twelve year career in the magazine publishing industry and after gaining City and Guilds in both Ceramics and Design in Ceramics I set up my studio in 1998 exhibiting and selling my work throughout the UK.
I draw inspiration from the world around me - the quirky sailboats and trawlers from living in Leigh-on-Sea, my amusing and lovely hens, the birds in my garden and the abundance of wildlife in the surrounding countryside.
Clay is fun. Clay allows me to create my ideas in a 3-D form with spontanaity and lightheartedness. The work ultimately evokes happy and poignant memories. Shape and design is important to capture the character as is incorporating printing, drawing and scraffito techniques. The boats, sculptures and the birds work well on their own and sit happily in little groups. Each piece is hand made and individual which keeps it fresh and unique. I use buff earthenware clay, occasionally a warm stoneware, various under glazes for the matt effect and a few ready mixed glazes.
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